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Charlotte Locksmith – Car Lock Repair & Replacement

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We can replace and repair the locks on your vehicle and will ensure a damage-free job.

As a licensed locksmith, our company is experienced and trained in the most up-to-date vehicle lock technology. As ALOA members, we continually receive education on the latest car locks and the best ways to unlock them without doing damage to your vehicle.

Our services include:

Broken key extraction: It requires very careful technique to effectively remove a broken car key from a vehicle without damaging the lock. If you’re facing a broken car key in your ignition, door, glove box or trunk lock, DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE IT YOURSELF! Make sure you call an experienced, licensed locksmith.

As a local, mobile company, we can come to you and remove your key on the spot. We can also create replacement car keys, including transponder/chip keys. Since these keys must be programmed to your car in order for it to start, it’s very important that you hire an auto locksmith who is familiar with the type of locks your vehicle has.

Car lock repair and replacement: We can repair and replace door locks, trunk locks, glove box locks and car ignitions, and we’ll make you new keys to work with your locks, if needed. Again, lock replacement can result in damage to your vehicle if not done right, so be sure you hire a professional with many years of experience in this arena.

Lock coding and re-keying: Some cars have sophisticated locks that must be programmed with a code that only the driver is able to access. Since your car is a valuable possession, and often becomes a home for some of your other valuables, it’s important that you hire a locksmith you can trust to code your locks and re-key them if necessary.

As a licensed company, we provide trustworthy lock coding and re-keying services for a variety of car makes and models. We have the equipment necessary to program your locks, keys and remotes, and are well-versed in the latest vehicle lock technology.

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CALL: (704) 215-4238